Seasonal Holiday Pack


Order a unique dessert to make the holidays special. This is a gourmet chef’s re-creation of classic s’mores, dressed up to deck out your table. Gotta Have S’mores customizes any order to reflect any special day. This hand-made dessert has a flavor for everyone.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays

Our one-of-a-kind take on the American classic makes Thanksgiving and Christmas unforgettable. Their min-muffin size and the variety of flavors make them a no-fuss instant success. We have eggnog flavored, peppermint bark, and our classic variety of chocolates and peanut butter dressed up with artistic polar bears and snowflakes. When you place your order you can specify which you would like.

Year Round Unique Dessert

Whether you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, hosting a July 4th BBQ, or planning a Halloween bash, you can count on these S’mores treats to be a favorite. Found in some local shops in Southern California, this unique dessert is delivered super-fast anywhere in the U.S. Holidays are our specialty!

These are also perfect gifts!


Product Description

Allergy Alert
Our products contain milk and wheat, and some varieties contain nuts. Although S’more Amore and Favors aren’t made with nuts, baking equipment is shared among all of our varieties.