Six types of smores inspired desserts

You Gotta Taste this; every Celebration is Perfectly Interpreted

A New Limited Edition Flavor Monthly

Left looking for a new unique dessert that expresses the season all year round? Sounds impossible, but it (so delightfully!) is not. Most desserts are locked into the time of year we identify with them and the desire to have that flavor outside of that season isn't as enjoyable. It seems impossible that one can capture every season's feel. Let me introduce you to our Limited Edition flavors. Every month new flavors come and the old limited edition flavor goes for another year.

The Easy Answer on What to Buy

Every month you will find it easy to pick out a gift. As soon as you try the month's flavor you will want to share it with all your friends. Surprise someone with unique dessert they will never forget. Why get the hostess another bottle of wine to join everyone else's? You won't hesitate to order her a box of the s'mores monthly flavor since you know how good it is.

I promise you that this is a no-brainer present and something you will look forward to every month. It perks up the days after it arrives and brings so much joy for being a mini cup.