Introducing the Selfie Smore!

    Introducing the Selfie Smore!

    Selfie Pictures Never Looked so Good!

    Anyone ever tell you they could just eat you up? Now they can. Send a picture and we'll send back a package of our yummy S'mores cups with the picture on it. Some selfies are much too good to stay digital forever. Dig up your favorite, email it to us and you instantly have a gift that will get a big smile. I know my mother laughed when I sent her a dozen with my face on it, on MY birthday. She didn't laugh for long though, her mouth was too full. I found a special gift that will never be forgotten or collect dust.

    On Valentines you can show your special someone how much you love them by sending a super delicious treat that will remind them of you every time they look at it. Mother's day, Father's day and bachelorette parties all have special images perfect for decorating and celebrating.

    I can think of a million perfect ways to use a Selfie S'more. Ever find yourself in the dog house, sleeping on the couch but you know flowers are not going to fix it? Do you try to make it better by talking it out and just end up talking yourself into a deeper hole? Take a great selfie, put it through an app to get huge sad puppy-dog eyes. Send it to us. These S'mores are delivered FAST. Believe me, this is one "I'm Sorry" present that will not go in the trash. And who can stay mad with the perfect blend of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate melting in their mouth?

    Psss.. It doesn't actually have to be a selfie.

    Want a unique way to propose? Take a beautiful picture of the engagement ring. Send it to us. When she or he opens that box and sees each gourmet S'more with a picture of a real ring, you get to watch the light in their eyes.  Joy from getting a present, to confusion after opening the box and finally to understanding what it means, I challenge you to come up with a better way to use a Selfie S'more.

    While face portraits are pretty perfect for the round top of our insanely good Smore's cups, I'm certain that a picture of your cat's face will be just as cute. I love my cat and use her picture as my phone background. (Shhhh - meaning I don't use my kid's faces, don't tell the other moms.)  Send me S'mores with her super cute face and I'll post a picture of it on every social network within minutes!

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