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Introducing the Selfie Smore!

By Marviene Fulton | February 6, 2017

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Six types of smores inspired desserts

You Gotta Taste this; every Celebration is Perfectly Interpreted

By Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson | December 3, 2016

A New Limited Edition Flavor Monthly Left looking for a new unique dessert that expresses the season all year round? Sounds impossible, but it (so delightfully!) is not. Most desserts are locked into the time of year we identify with them and the desire to have that flavor outside of that season isn’t as enjoyable. …

christmastime 2016 s'mores cooking over a fire

Christmastime Cooking over a Fire

By Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson | December 2, 2016

Classic Winter Recipes Seasonal Flavors To me Christmastime is peppermint, eggnog, chestnuts and pecan pie. But what I really look forward to is cooking in the fireplace with my family. From the first time we did it, it was an instant tradition. While I can’t have all the desserts I want (and still be able to face the …

s'more cups on a table

Tips for Making your Event a Smash

By Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson | November 21, 2016

  You need a great dessert for Christmas! Many years ago I went to a hockey game in Chicago. I had an invitation into one of the boxes. It was like a tiny apartment living room with a balcony. Do you know what I remember the most? I recall these little chocolate cups with Baileys …