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S'more and S'more Valentine's in LA!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

S'more Amore S'muffins make a great Valentine treat!

S'more Amore S'muffins make a great Valentine treat!

GHS has some really exciting news this week, which is why–and I’m so sorry–I have gotten behind and skipped last weeks blog. Last week we started our extended pick up hours at our new pick up location. This is huge for us! Now you can get S’muffins five days a week from Platine Cookies. OPEN: Tuesday through Friday 10 AM-6 PM & Saturday 10 AM-4 PM. As always, you can still order S’muffins for delivery.

Platine’s is a great cookie shop here in LA started by Chef Jamie Cantor, who has worked with big wigs like Thomas Keller and Stephen Durfee. Each of their hand-made cookies is made “from all-natural ingredients, mixed in a small batch from an original recipe, baked under the proprietor’s watchful eyes, and artistically hand packaged.” The greatest part about this is that you don’t have to plan in advance to get your favorite LA dessert. Isn’t this news just fabulous? It’s right in time for Valentine’s Day this Sunday!

I hope you got to check out the awesome romantic getaway at home tips I posted last time which focused on the ultimate pampering and indulgence. This week I wanted to follow up with what to do if you are really trying to keep your celebration private. Or maybe you are on a budget but still LOVED the idea of turning your home into a romantic getaway. If that’s you, then you totally gotta check out this video with my super-duper, whiz-in-the-kitchen girlfriend, Tanya Melillo, cooking up a romantic dinner for two with Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito. It’s really easy and SUPER YUMMY–speaking of super easy, you can just pick up S’more Amore S’muffins from Platines to top off your romantic meal! Just add candles and viola: Perfect! Romantic! Private! (and Budget too).

If you need any help, post questions in the comments below or send them to As always, I love when you send your pics too!

Ringing in the New Year! Welcome 2010!

Thursday, December 31st, 2009
Photo courtesy of

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I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and Holiday Season!  I know I did!  I can’t believe I’ve been in LA for only four months and I’m already so immersed in the happenings around town!  Thank you so much for having me at all your parties these past few months!

It was such a pleasure getting to share my S’muffin-y sweetness with all of you!  The best part is, the biggest party night of the year is still to come.  Talk about welcoming 2010 in style, I’m booked solid tonight!   Nothing goes better with a caviar and champagne toast than a S’muffin.  Now that’s what I call starting the New Year off right!  I hope you got your order in on time.  If not, don’t worry.  There will be so many more reasons to celebrate with me in the coming year, starting off with Valentine’s Day, right around the corner!  Check out S’more Amore, the perfect way to say I love you, but be sure to place your order early. Well, I’m off to get my final 2009 grove on!  Don’t forget to send us pictures of your 2009 celebrations with GHS and drop us a comment below with how you are ringing in the New Year.  Thanks.  Catch all you lovelies in 2010!