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It’s Time to Make Some Big Moves

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Hello friends!

It’s Wednesday morning and I feel like I’ve accomplished so much this week both  professionally and personally Things seem to get better and better every day with Gotta Have S’more (GHS).  Earlier in the week, I was reading in my journal and around this time last year I wrote that I was “dabbling with Gimme S’more” (Gimme S’more was going to be the original name until we discovered it was already trademarked).  It’s hard to believe it hasn’t even been a full year since I started this company.  So much has happened and it’s been such a HUGE success!!  This week the decision was made to REALLY kick it up a notch and take GHS to the next level.  We’ve decided it’s time to take on investors!!!  It has gotten to the point where I know that I cannot grow this company, or I guess I should say, “handle it’s growth” all by myself.  For awhile, the thought of going to investors really scared me.  Now I’m super excited to see how big this little idea of ours can grow!!  So stay tuned! 

On a personal note, I finally bit the bullet and hired a personal trainer to whip my S’muffin butt back into shape!  Since this company really started taking off, around Dec 09, I have focused 100% of my time and attention to it.  I was neglecting a lot of other really important responsibilities and myself.  I have a very extreme personality and once I start a project (or a company), I become totally obsessed.  So this past week my obsession for GHS has not fizzled at all, but I’m forcing myself to make time for other responsibilities too.  Hope I don’t fall off the wagon!!

Wish me luck!!



Introducing Gotta Have S’more….. Again!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

S'muffin at their very first event The Royal Dance Party

Hello S’more Fans!

Today is the first day that I am officially your “Gotta Have S’more” spokesperson.  As you know, Simone S’muffin has held that position since our website launched in December 2009.  Although I love the Simone S’muffin character, the decision has been made to give her some time off and bring her back at a later date.
So, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Carmen Lindner; Founder & CEO of “Gotta Have S’more”.  While I’m running a successful business, I’m the wife of a super- supportive and amazing husband, Ben.  Finally, I’m also the mom of a feisty little, two year old daughter named Maddie.
Everyone always asks how I got started and how I came up with the idea of Gotta Have S’more and the S’muffin.  My husband and I for the past seven years have always talked about starting a S’more Store/Company.  We always wanted to create a treat th

at was unique from the traditional bakery pastries and cupcakes.  We decided that a great and fun product would be to use the traditional known Smore and make it better. One day in Sept of 2009 the conversation came up again.  I said, “I’m going to make some S’mores tonight”.  So I took off to the store to get baking supplies, real butter and real sugar.  During the process, we would brain storm different names from Gimme S’more (this was the original name until I discovered it was already trademarked), Simply S’more, Love Me S’more, the list goes on and on.   

Before we had our current logo and sticker

I never considered myself much of a pastry chef or baker and what I usually made was low fat, no fat and definitely never any sugar. Over the next couple days, I was determined to create the perfect S’more.  It wasn’t long before I presented to Ben my new little creation and what we today call the S’muffin.  To my surprise, he really liked it and he’s the biggest skeptic there is.  To test out the concept, we had some friends over for dinner so I introduced them to the stylish, new S’mores.

 They said, “These are really great, what an idea!”!!  The rest is history :-)

Some of the very first S'muffins ever made. Not quite as pretty as they are now & not dipped in chocolate yet.

Little did I know how one little idea, transformed into a recipe would ultimately flip our lives upside down and take us on a wild journey we NEVER expected.
This blog will keep you updated on all the exciting events and fabulous parties we attend.  I’ll introduce you to a ton of AMAZING women business owners that we partner with along the way(and a few men WINK).  In addition to everything that’s going on with expansion of the company I’ll be sharing a behind the seen look to into my life and how I’m learning to take care of Ben, Maddie and the newest addition to our family.. my baby.. .Gotta Have S’more.

Introducing the L.A Sweet Shop at the BizBash Expos!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Today is the BizBash L.A Expo!!  Two thousand party professionals have anxiously been waiting for this day for awhile.  Here’s the short but sweet 411 on BizBash…..They are the “go to” source for all  event & meeting planners who are looking for venues, caterers, rentals, entertainment, calendars, decor, banquet halls, audio-visual production, security, staffing, ideas, style, trends, industry news, planning tips, and marketing strategies.

The dessert divas!

Now, the BizBash Expos are THE industry standard for event and meeting planners who want to seize all that’s fresh and new.  Of course, I will be there telling everyone about the hottest new dessert in L.A…S’muffins!  I won’t be there alone.  Three other dessert divas and I have combined all of our yummy sweetness to create the L.A Sweet Shop.  We’re customizing a beautiful dessert bar showing how well all of our yummy’s look together.  And, trust me… they all look GREAT!! WINK~     Please, let me share a little bit about each of them.  First, we have Patricia Tsai from ChocoVivo.  She creates stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, die hard chocolate lovers you’ve met your match.  Next, we have my dear friend Chef Jamie Cantor from, where else..? Platine Cookies, of course!!!  Jamie does a sophisticated twist on old time favorites.  FYI, I won’t hold it against you if you sign me up for Jamie’s Cookie of The Month Club!!  Last but definitely not least, Rachel Flores from P.O.P candywill be there with her fresh Butter Crunch.  YUM!!! I am over the moon to be spending the day with these three dessert superstars!  If you’re there, stop by our booth to say “hello” and grab some samples… there will be plenty for everyone!!  You know I’ll post some great pics asap!!


L.A Sweet Shop

Simone gets an exclusive invite to The Supper Club!!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Shery Shabani photo by Erik Neldner

New S'muffins fans! photo by Erik Neldner

Wow, I must tell you about the most fabulous party I went to on Tuesday evening.  The Supper Clubis an exclusive, private members only, organization with outposts in  London, New York and Los Angeles which is devoted to creating exceptional experiences.  All of their events are held at some of the best restaurants or private homes around LA. The h’orderves are as glamours as the members who attend the dinner.  The party on Tuesday did not disappoint.   How could it, when the theme was Diamonds and Champagne, ooh la la!!  It was held at Jewelry Designer, Shery Shabani’sexquisite Beverly Hills home.  I’m not sure who is more stunning, Shery or her incredible diamond jewelry collection!!  To top off the night, my friend Meg Hall was the private chef for the night. As soon as I saw her, I knew the guests were in for a treat.  I’m still dreaming of her peach, tomato, basil skewer.. YUM!    Of course, the night ended on a high note when, you guessed it; the S’muffins made their grand appearance.  Even the non-dessert eaters couldn’t resist a tiny taste.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… being the spokesperson for Gotta Have S’more is a tough job but somebody has to do it!! WINK

A big SMOOCH to Jackie Lann at The Narrative Group for for the invite!!

S'muffins and Champagne photo by Erik Neldner

Chef Meg Hall

Happy Cinco de Mayo – Van Gogh Oranje Mexi-Tini Recipe

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It’s the beginning of May and the thing I love most about this month, besides showing my mom how much I love her, is celebrating Cinco de Mayo!!!  It’s quite the celebración here in LA!

By the way, did you know Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence day?

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), was the day 5000 Mexican soldiers fought a French and loyalist Mexican army of 8000 in the Battle of Puebla outside of Mexico city. Who knew?!  Just a little bit of trivia you can pass along to sound super smart when you’re out celebrating with friends tonight. ;-)

If you are planning a little pre-party at home before you hit the town, try my yummy spin on the Van Gogh Oranje Mexi-tini which was featured in our S’more Good News eNewsletter.  This tasty little drink is sure to get you ready for a Mexican fiesta!!

Flavored Martini made of Van Gogh Oranje Vodka, tequila and orange juice.

Simone’s Van Gogh Oranje Mexi-Tini

•1 oz Van Gogh Oranje Vodka
•1 oz tequila
•1/2 oz orange juice
•1/4 tsp sugar
•orange slice for garnishPreparation:1.Pour ingredients into cocktail shaker, and add crushed ice. 
2.Let stand for ten seconds. 
3.Shake vigorously for five seconds. 
4.Strain into a martini glass, and garnish with an orange slice.ENJOY!!

Don’t forget your pre-party is not complete without a dozen S’muffins!!

The Go To Guys (and Gals) for the Hottest Parties in LA–PLUS GREEN BEER!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
A RALEIGH STUDIOS star-studded event

A RALEIGH STUDIOS star-studded event

Well, the Food Fare was a huge success last week!  Do you ever wonder how big events like the Food Fare and glitzy Oscar parties are pulled off, seemingly effortless?  That is due to mega production and party planners like our amazing friends at Raleigh Studios.  If you are looking to throw a celebration fit for a king, movie studio exec, billionaire tycoon or Hollywood starlet, as the case may be, look no further than Raleigh Studios to make it happen for you!  They have planned parties for the likes of ABC, Ferrari, BCBG, Microsoft, JD Power & Associates, THX, Lexus, TAG Heuer, Sherman Oaks Hospital, Hollywood Arts, Rotary International, Volkswagen, Audrey Magazine, Kid Save, Honda and Nissan.

Photo Courtesy of The Green Workplace

Photo Courtesy of The Green Workplace

They even offer complete motion picture production services through their affiliate, Raleigh Film.  Once you check out their slide show portfolio you’ll see why the big wigs leave it up to Raleigh Studios to create events that leave guests saying, “Now that was an affair to remember!”

BTW, Happy St. Patty’s Day!  If you didn’t wear green, the least you can do is grab a green S’muffin!

Quickie St. Patty’s Day Beer Tip: How to make green beer

3-6 drops green food coloring

12-16 oz. light beer of ale

Pour beer into the glass or pint.  Add green food coloring.  Stir slowly till the color is evenly distributed through the beer, just make sure you don’t create extra foam when you stir.

Photo Credits: RALEIGH STUDIOS; The Green Workplace


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