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LA Insider's Guide to Shopping for Champagne Easter Brunch–PLUS Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
photo courtesy of BRANDED BEER.COM

photo courtesy of BRANDED BEER.COM

No brunch is complete without bubbly! With Easter coming up this weekend and Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d share some pointers about serving champagne with brunch that will give your brunch an extra special touch!

For girls only brunches, it’s fun to do pink champagne. It’s kinda hard to beat Perrier Jouet Rose Blason de France, but at 75 to 100 bucks a bottle retail in stores, a good budget alternative is Chandon Rose which goes for about 15 to 25 dollars retail, and made Forbes list of the “10 Best Pink Champagnes” along with Perrier Jouet Rose’s sister 2002 Perrier Jouet Fleur Rose.

Prosecco is quickly becoming a trendy alternative to French bubbly. Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine which gets its name from the prosecco grapes used to make it. Try Cinzano Prosecco. At 12 to 16 dollars a bottle, you can’t beat it!

If you are making champagne cocktails like Kir Royales, Mimosas or Zinc Pinks, I like Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine Brut which will run you about 12 to 20 dollars a bottle. If you’re really trying to save money Domaine Ste. Michelle Sparkling Brut or Blanc de Blanc are good options (6 to 10 dollars a bottle).

Zinc Lounge at Shade Hotel, photo courtesy of Shade Hotel

Zinc Lounge at Shade Hotel, photo courtesy of Shade Hotel

So if you are wondering what the heck a Zinc Pink is, well, it’s only my most favorite brunch cocktail. It gets its name from the Zinc Lounge at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach where it was created. You won’t find this cocktail on the menu because it’s one of the secret concoctions that only regulars know about!  If you can’t make it to Shade for brunch here’s how you can make a Zinc Pink at home.

Zinc Pink Cocktail Recipe

(adapted from the Shade Hotel’s Zinc Lounge bar)

1 oz. Kern’s Guava Nectar

Champagne, sparkling wine or prosecco

1-2 Raspberries for garnish

Measure Kern’s Guava Nectar into a champagne flute. Fill the glass the rest of the way with champagne. Top it off by dropping 1-2 raspberry(ies) into the cocktail.

And speaking of Easter, when I was younger my mom would always take us to get a new Easter dress and Easter bonnet to celebrate the spring holiday. In the spirit of this old tradition, I decided to treat myself to a new spring makeover.

I hope you all like my new look! I’d love to get your feedback in the comments below or send them to, since I didn’t have time to set up a shopping date with my girlfriends before I hit 3rd St. Thanks for the input ladies (and any gents, as the case may be)!

Photo Credits: BRANDED BEER.COM; Shade Hotel


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