Introducing the March S’more Flavor of the Month

February 28th, 2015

The success of our February Chocolate-Covered S’mores inspired us to create more flavors that you will certainly enjoy. Each month this year we will be introducing a new flavor, and this month we will start with the…



They are made from our original s’more recipe and mint chocolate. The Irish Mint S’mores are topped with a shamrock for good luck of course! Afterall, it isn’t St. Patrick’s day without these Irish Mint flavored S’mores. You’ll be able to serve them at your St. Patrick’s day school or office party. While they are designed with St. Patrick’s day in mind the Irish Mint S’mores will be available throughout the month of March.

IMG_0501 IMG_0505

flavor of the month

Stay tuned for the month of April when we will be introducing another flavor, and we’re working on our new website!

Busy With New Business S’muffins

January 21st, 2015
Always a Perfect Fit

Always a Perfect Fit


Halloween, Thanksgiving, all the winter holidays – I love my custom designed s’mores for all of those occasions and I tend to make a pretty big deal out of them, but that means I’ve lately been leaving my corporate S’muffins out in the cold.


That’s a shame, because as corporate event favors and business gifts, they make a big impression and I get great feedback and many new customers. It’s got to be especially good for almost everybody when people tell me my corporate s’mores are almost too pretty to eat – that means people are spending extra time staring at the sugared client logo on top!


Bye-Bye Bland Branding

Bye-Bye To Bland Branding


So I’m dedicating this month’s blog to my little networking nibbles and delicious corporate calling cards: Business S’muffins. Whether you’re serving one or 1,000 (or more), I’m happy to handle your corporate gift-giving.


How does it work? Well, first you’ll email me a copy of your logo, business name and/or slogan. Then I’ll develop a custom frosting sheet just for your set of S’muffins. After delivery, the next step will be to watch peoples’ faces when they see your specialty s’mores.


Differentiate Deliciously

Differentiate Yourself Deliciously


I’m excited to be spending more time on this part of my business, and it’s been great to see the variety of clients who’ve chosen Gotta Have S’more for their corporate gifting. In the meantime, if you or anyone you know is in the market for professional event favors or client gifts, please pass my name along!


While the standard S’muffin s’more consists of a buttery graham cracker base, a rich bite of chocolate (or cookies ‘n’ creme) in the center and a roasted marshmallow on top, I’ve been working on making S’muffins available to a wider variety of specialty diets. Sugar-free? Gluten-free? A new, specialty flavor? YES! All you need to do is ask.


In the meantime, good luck getting back to the grindstone. Can you believe it’s already 2015? And almost February?! I wish you much success this year, in whatever way you define it. Don’t work too hard, and as you get back into your old routines, don’t forget to stop and sample the S’muffins…


Always A Good Idea

Always A Good Idea