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Not Your Typical Story

Carmen Lindner, founder and CEO of Gotta Have S’more, entered the kitchen at the age of 33. She’d never really been into baking before, but she had an idea - you know, one of those that comes to you at 3 am, keeps you up the rest of the night, and swirls inside your brain until it’s all you can think about from then on.

The s’more, a sense of adventure and a bent for taking action were the inspiration that took Carmen to the store to buy sugar and butter - items that were not formerly staples in her pantry.  Not being at home in the kitchen, she didn’t have a strong foundation, so experimentation ruled the day.  Shortly thereafter, Gotta Have S’more and the S’muffin were born. Then, after a little tiff and a makeup session with her husband, Ben, Gotta Have S’more Amore was added to the family.  And when Carmen was throwing a baby shower for a girlfriend, S’muffin-inspired Favors were the obvious choice.

To be honest, Carmen isn’t a big dessert person. But S’muffins got her excited in a way that no other dessert had.  They’re the perfect size and shape to satisfy any sweet tooth (whether you knew you had one or not). Once you try them, you will wonder how you survived without them for so long.

Stay informed about the S’muffin’s ever-evolving and always scrumptious story.